How to Set Time on Smartwatch Without Using an App

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How to set time on a smartwatch without using an app? It’s a good question. Because in today’s tech-savvy world, smartwatches have become an essential accessory for many reasons. These nifty devices offer a range of features beyond just telling time, from fitness tracking to notifications and more. 

So, one common question among smartwatch users is how to set the time on their device without relying on a dedicated app. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a newbie, this guide will walk you through the process step by step.

how to set time on a smartwatch without using an app

Manual Time Setting: A Quick Overview

Setting the time on your smartwatch without an app might seem daunting, but it’s straightforward. Whether your smartwatch features traditional buttons, a touchscreen, a rotating crown, or voice activation, you can easily configure the time manually. This manual method saves you from app dependency and offers benefits like improved battery life and enhanced privacy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Time on Your Smartwatch

Setting the time on a smartwatch is an easy task but when the question is without an app, it is difficult. But no problem, We guide you step by step to setting the time on your smartwatch without an app. 

Traditional Button-Operated Smartwatches

For smartwatches with physical buttons, follow these steps:

1. Locate the designated button for accessing settings. This is often labeled as “Settings” or indicated by a gear icon.2. Enter the settings menu.

3. Use the navigation buttons to scroll through the menu and find the “Time” or “Clock” options.

4. press the appropriate button to enter the time-setting mode.

5. Use the navigation buttons to adjust the hour, minutes, and seconds.

6. Confirm your selection and exit the settings menu.

Touchscreen Smartwatches without App

If your smartwatch features a touchscreen interface, here’s how you can manually set the time:

1.Now you need to tap on the screen to wake up the watch.

2. Locate and tap on the “Settings” or “Clock” app icon.

3. Find the option for “Time” or “Set Time.”

4. Use on-screen controls to adjust the hour, minutes, and seconds.

5. Save your changes and exit the settings.

Smartwatches with Rotating Crowns

Smartwatches equipped with rotating crowns offer a tactile way to set the time:

1. Rotate the crown to wake up the watch.

2. Turn the crown to access the settings menu.

3. Find the “Time” or “Clock” option.

4. Use the crown to adjust the hour, minutes, and seconds hands.

5. Press the crown to confirm your changes.

Voice-Activated Smartwatches

Voice-activated smartwatches make time setting effortless:

1. Activate the voice command feature (e.g., by saying “Hey, Smartwatch”).

2. Clearly state “Set time” or “Adjust time.”

3. Follow the prompts to specify the hour, minutes, and seconds.

4. Confirm your selection when prompted.

Tips for Accurate Time Setting

Sync with a Reliable Source

It is indispensable to ensure accuracy. So you need to sync your smartwatch time with a reliable source, such as your smartphone or a trusted timekeeping website.

Time Zone Considerations

If you frequently travel, remember to adjust the time zone settings on your smartwatch to reflect your current location.

Troubleshooting Time Setting Issues

You may face some troubleshooting time-setting issues:

Calibrating Time Sensors

If your smartwatch has sensors for automatic time adjustment, consider calibrating them periodically for optimal performance.

Resetting the Watch

Sometimes you can encounter persistent time-setting issues. So it would be best to have a factory reset to help resolve the problem.

Benefits of Setting Time Manually

There are so many benefits of setting the time manually. The first benefit is battery conservation. Manually setting the time can help conserve your smartwatch’s battery life, as it reduces the device’s reliance on constant syncing. The second benefit is independence from apps. By mastering manual time settings, you free yourself from app dependencies and ensure your watch remains functional without an app connection.

Another benefit of setting the time manually is enhanced privacy. Setting the time manually minimizes data sharing and enhances privacy by reducing the information exchanged between your watch and companion apps.

how to set time on a smartwatch without using an app


1. How often should I manually set the time on my smartwatch?

   – It’s advisable to manually set the time whenever there’s a significant time change or if your smartwatch’s time drifts noticeably.

2. Will manually setting the time affect other features of the watch?

   – No, manually setting the time should not impact other smartwatch features.

3. Can I switch back to the automatic time setting after manually configuring it?

   – You can switch back to the automatic time setting at any time by adjusting your settings.

4. What should I do if my smartwatch time is still inaccurate after the manual setting?

   – Try manually setting the time again, ensuring you follow the steps accurately. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the manufacturer’s support.

5. Is there a risk of damaging the watch while setting the time manually?

   – No, manually setting the time is safe and poses no risk to your smartwatch’s functionality.


In conclusion, mastering the art of setting the time on your smartwatch without an app empowers you with greater control, improved battery life, and enhanced privacy. Following the step-by-step instructions for various types of smartwatches, you can confidently configure the time according to your preferences and needs.

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